All day everyday profile: Thea - Modern Envy Apparel

All day everyday profile: Thea

We wanted to share some history on the how the sponsorship of the MSU Women's Lacrosse Team came about, so we asked Thea Rogers a few questions, since she was responsible for them being decked out in our All Day Everyday Crew Socks.

Special Thanks and Congratulations on going 5-0 in the 2016 Kato Classic!

@KatoWomensLax for all the support!


Thea Rodgers, Collegiate Lacrosse Player MSU


Where are you from and what are you currently doing at MSU?

I am from Woodbury, Minnesota; born and raised. I am currently a sophomore, nursing major at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

How did you hear about Modern Envy Apparel?

This past summer I was at the Minnesota State Fair with family and I came across Modern Envy's booth in the Grandstand. I absolutely love cool socks, any designs or patterns are my go to. So of course when I saw Modern Envy's booth I had to stop by and see what it was all about. I met Laurie and I was able to get some insight on this cool company.

What are your thoughts about the company and why you wanted us to sponsor your Team?

I think Modern Envy Apparel is an awesome company that is going to go so far! The storyline behind the socks and what they mean makes them that much more intriguing. I can't wait to see where else Modern Envy Apparel travels! I wanted Modern Envy Apparel to sponsor my lacrosse team because I thought it would be a great opportunity, not only for us, but for them as a new company as well. Modern Envy Apparel being a California based company, I thought how awesome to share with a bunch of Minnesotan Lacrosse players (and their family and friends) about these awesome socks. 

Describe your experience with the Good Fortune Crew Socks?

The Good Fortune sock is comfortable, reliable, and unique. I love that when I'm wearing these socks that my feet are comfortable and cushioned without being suffocated, my foot is able to breathe so well. I think another benefit of these socks are the fact that there is not much like it out there, I've never seen a sock that works so well for everyday use as well as athletic wear.

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