About Us


A Girl Walks Into A Bar…
…and meets this guy. The girl’s name is Laurie. The guy’s name is Chad. Laurie and Chad like the look of each other’s socks and decide to take this thing out into the light of day. They share the unyielding mantra of purpose + intentquality over quantity, and the love of two inspirational grandmothers. Ms. Wright and Mr. Nakano remain a permanent “item” in the MEA product line, and beyond. On a personal note, I’m pleased to report that in their independent descriptions of a perfect day, each included the other (and coffee).

The Fashion of Ideas

Laurie Wright

Laurie Wright has a thing about purpose and intent. It’s reflected in her business and most importantly, in her life. As a young lady, Ms. Wright took on the opportunities of traveling and soon found herself longing for a job in fashion. Laurie’s purposeful career path followed strategic landmarks with the intent of gathering experience and insight. And she purposely founded Modern Envy Apparel with the intent of delivering quality products and building long-lasting relationships, not only with friends and family, but with her employees.  Laurie has succeeded on all accounts.


Cut From Good Stuff
Chad Nakano

No one outworks Chad “Chadillac” Nakano…hell; he has a cut kit in his backpack. Chad’s driven, on-purpose, get-it-done ethos is in part due to growing up the kid of two self-employed parents, and the creative influence of his grandma, Harriet. Getting Serotonin-producing ideas out of his head and into the world is something that drives Mr. Nakano. From sweeping hair to keeping bar, from Bank of America to Urban Outfitters, Chad will not stop punching until the work is perfect, the fight’s over and the bleeding’s stopped.