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We recently went to Pete Brandt’s Clock Tower BMX Jam @Ferry Building San Francisco by our friend Jody Donnelly (the self titled “Dirty BMX Kid”) and a few of his friends. At the Clock Tower we met young BMX’er Daniel Weaver and his father Kevin. We had such a great time hanging with him that we asked if he would share a bit about himself.

In the interview below it’s the same Jody Donnelly that Daniel looks to for inspiration. Jody is a BMX rider from Fort Wayne, Indiana. He started his career racing and is known for his innovative, out of the box style and is big on dirt, street, ramps and racing. We have the good fortune to be able to sponsor. You can watch his YouTube clip here:

How do you find good fortune? We found Jody @Treasure Island Flea Market one year ago. We will be going back to where it all began on May 28-29 and working hard on getting Jody and Pete Brant to make a guest appearance. Find the latest on Instagram/Facebook and join our mailing list to always know what’s going on.


MEA:  Where did you grow up, how old are you, what grade are you in and what do you like to do for fun?

DANIEL: I grew up mostly in Concord California. I turned 11 years old on November 1, 2015. I am in the Fifth Grade at Silverwood Elementary School. I would say this school year has been the best year yet. I think bike riding has kept me going to school. For fun I ride my bike a lot. I also like to draw or do leather projects with my dad.


MEA: What activities/sports are you involved in?

DANIEL: I played hockey last season and I'm thinking about playing again, but I don't know yet. I am very involved in BMX. I’m improving on the amount of tricks I can do by learning many new things each day. 


MEA: How old were you when you started riding bikes?

DANIEL: I first realized I was into BMX and that's what I wanted to do was when I was eight years old.


MEA: Who inspires you? 

DANIEL:  My biggest inspiration is Jody for multiple reasons. The biggest reason is he never gets mad. Like when I ride with Jody and he falls you don't have to ask if he's ok because he is laughing. He also still spends a lot time with his family, which is really cool!  He hangouts with them and attends their sports games. He is not always riding. And what I mean by he never gets mad is he doesn't throw his bike and he doesn't yell. You want a kid to look up to you not be scared of you.


MEA: How did you meet Jody and what does it mean to you?

DANIEL: I met him after he commented on my Dad’s Instagram Photo of him riding at one of the spots that Jody also rides at. I rode with Jody the first time at Heather Farms Skatepark. Riding with him is always fun, because we have a good time and I get to learn new things from him.


MEA: What motivates you?

DANIEL: Jody defiantly motivates me because he is always having fun. Most people think this is weird, but falling motivates me when I fall I get right back up and start riding even better than before I fell. 

MEA:  Where did you get your first pair of Modern Envy Apparel Socks?

DANIEL: I got my first pair of Modern Envy Socks at the Clocktower BMX Jam in San Francisco.


MEA: What do you think about the socks? When do you like to wear them?

DANIEL: I like wearing the socks when I ride, because they keep me warm and it’s another layer of padding and they don't bunch up at your toes. I honestly think they’re the best socks I've ever owned!

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