Lumberjack Days with Tate and Blaine

We are excited to announce Modern Envy Apparel will be coming to Stillwater, Minnesota for Lumberjack Days, July 15-17th in Stillwater, the birthplace of Minnesota! 



This past weekend we were able to catch up with two of our biggest fans Blaine and Tate Batchelor from Stillwater. We met both boys last summer at the Minnesota State Fair and according to their mom both boys have been obsessed with our socks ever since. They will be hanging out and helping us in our booth at Lumberjack Days so stop by and say hi.



AGE: 10

GRADE:  5th  

SPORTS: Hockey, Soccer and Golf

FAVORITE THING TO DO: Play hockey, soccer and golf and go to Nelson’s for Ice Cream.

FAVORITE COLORED SOCK and WHY:  Red and Black, because I cheer for the Ponies. I mean who wouldn’t?





AGE:  7

GRADE:  2nd 

SPORTS: Hockey, Soccer, Baseball and Golf

FAVORITE THING TO DO:  Play hockey, hit golf balls and play soccer. 

FAVORITE COLORED SOCK AND WHY?  I like three pairs. It is too hard to pick one. I like the Gophers. Vikings and Ponies because they all represent my teams. 


 What makes the socks so special to you?

BLAINE: I like them because I can wear them everyday and for hockey.

TATE: I like them because they are fuzzy and they have two patterns of colors that are cool.


How often do you wear them and what do you wear them for?

BOTH: We wear them everyday! Seriously Everyday!

BLAINE: I wear them for hockey and golf. I like to wear them for both of these sports  because of the extra padding on the bottom. It makes it extra soft and comfortable.

TATE: I wear them for hockey.


What do you want to see Modern Envy Apparel do next?  

BLAINE: Tank tops and t-shirts would be cool.

TATE: Hats would be awesome!

We both would love to see you do another pattern on the socks. 


Would you like to help run the booth for Lumberjack Days?

BOTH: YES, we both would love to. Our sister Char said, yes too!


Thanks guys, looking forward to a fun weekend!

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