Thursday Travel Tip

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    Have you heard of Hotel Tonight? Last year during the Pandemic, we were lucky enough to be able tp travel. We did 3 60 day road trips and one of them included us driving across the country. While traveling we used the app Hotel Tonight.  Hotel Tonight offers last minute hotels for a cheaper rate.   If not used it before and are looking to sign up,  please use my personal discount code to sign up. LAURIEWRIGHT122

* Each hotel is ranked by levels- basic, solid, charming, hip or luxury. Super important to look at the percentage of people who liked the hotel. I always go with hotels over 90%. Also, make sure you read the second page, as there can been hidden resort fees and parking fees. 

Lastly, it always great to have extra Modern Envy Socks packed in your suitcase. You don’t want to be barefoot in a hotel room and you definitely want to be comfy in your Modern Envy Socks! 

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