Thursday Travel Tip-Book your hotel before 10 PM!

Thursday Travel Tip-Book your hotel before 10 PM!

  Have you ever drove across the country? If not, I highly recommend it. It’s unbelievable! America is a beautiful country! 
    Yesterday morning we left Brainerd, MN with a car full of socks, snacks, toys, diapers, gifts, clothes and camping stuff. It felt odd to leave the snow and be headed California where the weather will be 80 degrees.  
    We drove from Brainerd, MN to Billings, MT.  Billings, MT or Bozeman MT are great stopping points if you are driving on Highway 94 from Minnesota to California. They both are bigger towns and have lots of hotels/restaurants.

  The best part about our drive on day 1, was driving through Theodore Rosevelt National Park. It’s so beautiful! A must see. 

    TIP OF THE WEEK- Make sure you book your hotel before 10 PM, as rates significantly increase after 10 PM and availability becomes less

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