Thursday Travel Tip- San Diego Favorite Beaches!

Thursday Travel Tip- San Diego Favorite Beaches!

San Diego Favorite Beaches

 1. Carlsbad Beach - we stayed in Carlsbad so we could walk to this beach. This beach is awesome, because it’s got a large beach area. Even if the tides are high, you won’t need to move. There is so much sand! The sunsets are incredible and they have a great walking path! The only negative part is there isn’t a washing/restroom area.

  • 2. Solano Beach is a great little beach town. We loved this beach town, because there are shops and restaurants in walking distance. We ate at the restaurant called Pizza Port- It was delicious and the service was fantastic! In addition. there is a playground and basketball court at the top of the beach! 
  • They also have this affordable little snack shack right by the beach! 
    3. Del Mar Beach is a beautiful beach town with lots of restaurants and shops! It’s a bit more focused on tourists vs. locals. It does have a nice playground and bathrooms near the beach!
  • 4. Moonlight State Beach in Encinitas. It has a beautiful playground at the beach! It has stunning views and it’s perfect for families! It also has a snack shop on site. It also has a ton of shops and restaurants nearby, but it’s a little bit of a walk!
  • 5. La Jolla Beach is one of our all time favorites! This beach is incredibly beautiful and the water is so blue! It’s gorgeous! The downfall is there is not a lot to walk to near the beach, but downtown La Jolla does have a ton of shops and restaurants! We found it best to park near  La Jolla Blvd.  & Playa Del Sur. If you put in 6900 La Jolla Blvd. and drive towards the beach, it’s a perfect spot to land at the beach. Parking can be challenging, but both times we went we found parking quickly! 
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