Thursday Travel Tips? Best Happy Hours in the Twin Cities!

Happy Hour minnesota restaurants socks Twin Cities

This month we are in Minnesota and I thought I would share some of my favorite Happy Hours in the Twin Cities!  I’ve been to all these except Nightingale. I’m dying to try Nightingale, as my childhood house was on Nightingale Blvd.

1. Matchstick Grill in Stillwater, Mn   
(Monday- Friday 3-5)

2. Cov in Edina, MN
(Monday-Friday 4-6, Saturday 3-5)    
* there is a Cov in Wayzata too

3. Pajarito in Saint Paul, MN    
 (Monday-Friday 4-6).  
* there is Pajarito in Edina too

4. McCoy’s Copper Pint in Shakopee, MN   
(Monday-Friday 3-6, 2 for 1’s all day, everyday)

5. Nightingale in Minneapolis, MN   
(Everyday 4-6 PM, 11PM-1AM)  

What are your favorite ones? 

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