Thursday Travel Tips- Have you been to Joshua Tree-Palm Springs?

Thursday Travel Tips- Have you been to Joshua Tree-Palm Springs?

Joshua Tree-Palm Springs

Back in 2017 Chad and I went to the u2 Joshua Tree Concert at Levi Stadium in San Jose, CA. I’m not a huge fan of U2 , but I like them. It was by far one of my favorite concerts. They did incredible job on incorporating what was happening in the world and they made you feel like you were right in the middle of Joshua Tree! Every since then it was on my bucket list to visit Joshua Tree! 

   During covid, we ended up living at our family cabin and traveling a lot. We did three 60 day road trips and Joshua Tree was high on my bucket list. In November of 2020 we finally made it to Joshua Tree.  It was incredible!

  We obviously had our little one, Kailani with us, so we did some of the easy trails! If traveling with little ones, we recommend doing these two hikes.

Hidden valley- 1 mile loop

Baker Dam - 1 mile loop

Both of them were unbelievable! 


We stayed at the Palm Springs Hotel. It’s not directly on the main strip, but we loved the hotel! I highly recommend staying here. It’s a small quaint hotel, only 17 rooms! The rooms were super clean, the pool was heated and open 24 hours, and they sell beer & wine at the front desk.



Sandfish Sushi & Whiskey-We ate here and loved it! We highly recommend it! Great fish and amazing atmosphere! They took shipping containers and made it part of their outdoor dinning! It was so cute and cozy!

* We also found that at most of the National Parks there is not much food nearby! Joshua Tree only had a KFC nearby. Make sure you bring food and water with you!

* Also, we did this trip in November! If traveling in the fall/winter make sure you go out early as it does get dark early!  




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