Thursday Travel Tips- Have you ever traveled without your ID? Wallet stolen?

Thursday Travel Tips- Have you ever traveled without your ID? Wallet stolen?


This past week we were consulting in San Francisco, California and the night before our flight back to Minnesota I lost my wallet. So how do you fly without an ID?

If you are at home, there are a few things you can bring with you to potentially help your situation. Obviously, your passport would work. If you don’t have a passport, you could bring another credit card, a bill statement or anything that is valid with your picture on it. I was not at home, so I did not have anything with me to prove who I was. For my situation, this is what happened.

The gate agents where you drop your bags, didn’t seem to care too much. I did have a picture of my ID, so I showed it to them and they said no problem. I was also traveling with my daughter, Kailani and Chad, so that helped. At security/TSA is where it got a bit more complicated. You go to the first agent and they call over another agent over. They essentially call into someone and that someone asks you a bunch of personal questions. Information about who have you lived with? What are you parents birthdates?  After they clear you over the phone, they have an agent scan your entire body and they take your personally belongings and put them through a special scanner.


Make sure you get to the airport early and way early. I got there 3 hours before my flight. Luckily the airport was dead. There was not a lot of people there. If you were traveling during a busy time of the year, I would advise to get there super early.


Before you go on a trip, make sure you write down everything you are bringing in your wallet, as it can be hard to remember which cards/info. you have in your wallet. Only travel with the cards you need. Take out all of your gift cards, anything extra you have out of your wallet!


It saves you time and the hassle of pulling out your ID. All they need is you- your body! We had it before the pandemic, but forgot to renew. Trust me we will renew now.

Was this helpful? What kind of problems have you had when traveling? 

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