Thursday Travel Tips- Have you traveled with an infant/toddler?

Thursday Travel Tips- Have you traveled with an infant/toddler?

Thursday Travel Tips- Have you travelled with an infant/toddler? 

I’m writing this blog post, because in November if 2018 Chad and I announced the birth of our daughter.  Since then we have been on countless flights. I can’t even count the number of flights our 3 year old daughter has been on and I thought it was time for me to share some of the things I have found helpful! 
  Below you will see the top 3 things, I think you should buy when traveling with a toddler. In the very beginning you will be bringing your car seat that fits right in your stroller, but once your baby out grows the car seat that fits in the stroller, what do you do? You buy the things listed below. 

Traveling Stroller- Mountain Buggy we chose this travel stroller because it’s one of the few ones to hold 50 lbs. We love it and are extremely happy with it, especially since it folds so small. Great for the plane and for your rental car (doesn’t take up the whole trunk)

Travel Car Seat Cosco- we have loved this car seat. Super light weight, sturdy and has been awesome to travel with. It fits sitting on our mountain buggy stroller (obviously the kid can’t sit in it too, but  it’s  so you don’t have to carry it) and it fits on the plane seat and meets all guidelines for traveling with it. FYI: only holds up to 40 pounds.


Britax Cat Seat Bag- this bag is so awesome! It has wheels on it and you can use it as a backpack. Plus there is lots of extra room to store diapers etc.


* BEST TIP I RECEIVED- you bring the car seat on the plane. They will have to sit in the window, but it sets the standard for the toddler knowing they have to stay in their seat. It’s the best. 



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