Wednesday-WAYWO? Whitecaps and Buffalo Beauts

Wednesday-WAYWO? Whitecaps and Buffalo Beauts

   The past week was full of watching hockey games. Within one week we saw 9 hockey games. It started with the last home games for the Whitecaps and ended with the Minnesota State High School Boys Hockey Tournament with a double overtime between Andover and Maple Grove! Andover took the title of AA State Champs! Here’s a link to see the some of the craziness of the Championship game:

We also visited the Expo and Sauce was there! Check out the latest from them-

And of course you don’t want to miss out on the ultimate Hockey Flow:

So for our Wednesday WAYWO- We are currently in the final stages of our new  Minnesota Whitecaps Socks and we are potentially adding the Buffalo Beauts to the mix. Check out our new designs and let us know what you think!

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