Wednesday-what are you working on?

This week we are in San Francisco!  

Last year we started Modern Envy Lifestyle, where we offer services and are running a consulting business. This week Chad is consulting for Have you heard of them? If not, check them out. 

In addition, this week I’m consulting for We are organizing a family’s house in the Bay Area. This past week Johanna, Kailani and I shopped for all the necessities. Target and Container Store always seems to be the best place for organizational items. At Target, I love to briefly look at the $ section, but I am also careful to not buy a bunch of random stuff. I always try to stay neutral and pick one brand for each project. For this project we are used Brightroom. Have you heard of them? What are your favorite organizing items? 


One of my all time favorite organizational items is the bamboo expandable drawer organizer. Love to hear what yours are.

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