Wednesday-What are you working on?

Wednesday-What are you working on?

A cycling sock, reorg of Bay Area home and more work in the Cannabis Industry! This week has been nuts!

For Modern Envy Apparel:

  We are in the final stages of designing a cycling sock. What a cycling sock? Yes, we have partnered with Dirt Candy and are doing a cycling sock. Tonight we had a meeting with them at the Crosby Hotel- about the final designs. 

MODERN ENVY LIFESTYLE:  I, Laurie worked with Johanna from on a reorg for a family in Marin. This home did not have a lot of storage, so it was challenging. We had to maximize storage space. What do your closets look like? Here a few of my favorite things we did for this family. 


Make sure all of your hangers match! Get rid of the old ones. Invest in how you take care of your clothes! My favorite are the ivory velvet hangers, but not everyone likes them. This family wanted the black plastic hangers! 


Don’t be afraid to move things in your closet. Find designs/images you like and maximize the space you have! 

Chad continued to consult for El Dorado Extract - He also worked with Mission Brands. Have you heard of them? Check them out-




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