Partnerships with Fundraising Opportunities

Modern Envy Apparel provides custom designs for your company/sporting event/association.  We are happy to partner with you on fundraising. We offer a contactless process by using QR Codes. Please contact us to learn more. This past fall we partnered with the Stillwater Hockey Association. We look forward to working with you next. 


WHY-This year we will be partnering with Modern Envy Apparel for our yearly fundraising. We chose Modern Envy Apparel to partner with because we wanted to try something different and they were willing to provide us with an easy way to fundraise. In addition, they will donate 25% of all sales back to each team. 

WHAT- Modern Envy Apparel is a local company that designs and creates one of a kind socks and hats. They produced a custom sock for our hockey association and they have Stillwater custom hats. 

WHEN-Starting October 15- November 1 you will have the opportunity to shop on Modern Envy Apparel’s website. They will have a specific page dedicated for the Stillwater Hockey Association. You can purchase items from this page or anything on their website. 

HOW- Modern Envy Apparel will send the organization (teams, players coaches, managers and parents)  a link that will bring you directly to our page.  You can send this link to anyone and they can order anything they want. Modern Envy Apparel will keep track of all orders and will mail all orders to the shipping address listed at the time of the purchase.